A Trip to the Moon

Tuesday, 29th September 1987
 9:00 pm ABC

ABC Circle Films
Production Company
Picturemaker Productions
Production Company

Tuesday, 29th September 1987ABC2100MoonlightingA Trip to the Moon

Cybill Shepherd
Alice (Maddie's dream sequence)
Cybill Shepherd
Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes
Bruce Willis
Ralph (Maddie's dream sequence)
Bruce Willis
David Addison Jr.
Allyce Beasley
Trixie (Maddie's dream sequence)
Allyce Beasley
Agnes DiPesto
Charles Rocket
Ed (Maddie's dream Sequence)
Ray Charles
Joyce Brothers
Herself (as Dr. Joyce Brothers)
Stephanie Shroyer
Airport Ticket Clerk
The Raelettes
Jonathan Ames
Jergenson, Blue Moon Employee
Daniel Fitzpatrick
O'Neill, Blue Moon Employee
Kristine Kauffman
Kris, Blue Moon Employee
Jamie Taylor
Jamie, Blue Moon Employee
Willie Brown
Simmons, Blue Moon Employee
Curtis Armstrong
Burt Viola (credit only)
Harold Surratt
Cab Driver (voice only) (as Harold J. Surratt)

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