Tracks of My Tears

Tuesday, 2nd February 1988
 9:00 pm ABC

ABC Circle Films
Production Company
Picturemaker Productions
Production Company

Tuesday, 2nd February 1988ABC2100MoonlightingTracks of My Tears
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Cybill Shepherd
Madelyn 'Maddie' Hayes
Bruce Willis
David Addison Jr.
Allyce Beasley
Agnes DiPesto
Curtis Armstrong
Herbert Quentin Viola
Curtis Armstrong
Herbert Quentin Viola
Dennis Dugan
Walter Bishop
Henry G. Sanders
Train Passenger in Maddie's Dream Sequence
Pat Boone
The New David
Geoffrey Lardner
Cecil the Waiter
Ivy Jones
Passenger #1
Mark Voland
Passenger #2
Dave Nicolson
Passenger #3
Jonathan Ames
Jurgenson, Blue Moon Employee
Willie Brown
Simmons, Blue Moon Employee
Inez Edwards
Inez, Blue Moon Employee
Daniel Fitzpatrick
O'Neill, Blue Moon Employee
Kristine Kauffman
Kris, Blue Moon Employee
Jamie Taylor
Jamie, Blue Moon Employee

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