Alfred Hitchcock Hour
I Saw the Whole Thing

Thursday, 11th October 1962
10:00 pm CBS

Alfred Hitchcock
Shamley Production
Production Company

Thursday, 11th October 1962CBS2200Alfred Hitchcock HourI Saw the Whole Thing

Alfred Hitchcock
Himself - Host
John Forsythe
Michael Barnes
Kent Smith
Jerry O'Hara
Evans Evans
Penny Sanford
Evans Evans
Penny Sanford
John Fiedler
Malcolm Stuart
Philip Ober
Colonel John Hoey
John Zaremba
Richard Anderson
Barney Phillips
Lt. Sweet
William Newell
Sam Peterson
Willis Bouchey
Judge B. Neilson
Rusty Lane
Judge R. Martin
Billy Wells
George Peabody
Robert Karnes
Police Sergeant
Maurice Manson
Doctor Palmer
Kenneth Harp
The Bailiff (as Ken Harp)
Anthony Jochim
Jury Foreman
Lou Byrne
The Nurse
Mel Jass
The Court Recorder
Marc Cavell
Freddie Drew
Ben Pollock
The Court Clerk
Claire Griswold
Joanne Dowling
Arthur Tovey
Ronnie Rondell Jr.
The Motorcyclist (as Ronnie R. Rondell)

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