Harper's Island

Thursday, 9th April 2009

Assorted wedding guests are bumped off on a remote island.

Enjoyable little thriller somewhere between And Then There Were None and Friday the 13th.

Spoiler Alert: The dwindling cast lists in subsequent episodes will give away certain plot developments - you have been warned.

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Elaine Cassidy
Abby Mills
Christopher Gorham
Henry W. Dunn
Katie Cassidy
Trish Wellington
Cameron Richardson
Chloe Carter
Adam Campbell
Cal Vandeusen
Richard Burgi
Thomas Wellington
Jim Beaver
Sheriff Charlie Mills
C.J. Thomason
Jimmy Mance
Victor Webster
Hunter Jennings
Dean Chekvala
J.D. Dunn
Matt Barr
Christopher 'Sully' Sullivan
Harry Hamlin
Marty Dunn
Gina Holden
Shea Allen
David Lewis
Richard Allen
Cassandra Sawtell
Madison Allen
Claudette Mink
Katherine Wellington
Brandon Jay McLaren
Danny Brooks
Chris Gauthier
Malcolm Ross
Sean Rogerson
Joel Booth
Amber Borycki
Beth Barrington
Sarah Smyth
Lucy Daramour
Ben Cotton
Shane Pierce
Anna Mae Routledge
Kelly Seaver
Ali Liebert
Nikki Bolton
Beverly Elliott
Maggie Krell
Paul Stanley
Old Albert
Tom Pickett
Cab Driver
Clint Carleton
Ben Wellington