ITV Play of the Week
The Birthday Party

Tuesday, 22nd March 1960
 9:35 pm ITV

Margery has been a member of a London repertory company since she joined the BBC twenty two years ago. It was in this company that she first played her role in " The Birthday Party" — co-owner of a seedy boarding-house in which a middle-aged failure (Richard Pearson) has found security. Then two strangers (Lee Montague and Alfred Burke) arrive and terrify him back to reality... ~Daily Mirror

Tuesday, 22nd March 1960ITV2135ITV Play of the WeekThe Birthday Party

Richard Pearson
Stanley Webber
Alfred Burke
Shamus McCann
Lee Montague
Nat Goldberg
Arthur Hewlett
Petey Bowles
Bernadette Milnes
Margery Withers
Meg Bowles