Magnum, P.I.
Who Is Don Luis Higgins...
and Why Is He Doing These Terrible Things to Me?

Thursday, 20th March 1986

Universal Pictures
Production Company

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Tom Selleck
Thomas Sullivan Magnum
John Hillerman
Don Luis Mongueo
John Hillerman
Jonathan Quayle Higgins
Roger E. Mosley
Théodore 'Terry' Calvin
(credit only)
Larry Manetti
Orville 'Rick' Wright
Robert Hogan
Alan Johnson
Cesare Danova
President Manuel Ebenez
Gillian Dobb
Agatha Chumley
Kanani Choy
Postal Lady
Anthony LaPaglia
Albert Stanley Higgins
Devon Guard
Laurie, Waitress at the Hotel
Ernest Chan
Nyle Hallman
Edward B. Randolph
King Fernando Mongueo
Caron Aquino
Dona Ana
Cecilio Rodriguez
Guerilla #1
Gil Aguilar
Guerilla #2
Unknown 208-19860320-1
Flamenco Dancer

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