The Billionaire

Tuesday, 22nd September 1987

In which Matlock journeys to London to preside over a mock trial to clear the accused of the murder of billionaire businessman.

Andy Griffith
Benjamin Matlock
Nancy Stafford
Michelle Thomas
Kari Lizer
Cassie Phillips
Kene Holliday
Tyler Hudson
Greg Evigan
Eric Gordon
Michele Greene
Laura Gordon
Bruce Greenwood
Mitchell Gordon
Jane How
Sybil Gordon
David McCallum
Phil Dudley
Don Murray
Albert Gordon
Claire Oberman
Fiona Maxwell
Ronald Pickup
Sir Alec Moore
Alan Downer
Stanley Douglas
Leon Greene
Inspector Liggett
Linal Haft
Robert Harris
Barrie Ingham
Butler (as Barry Ingham)
Preston Lockwood
Judge Woolsey
John Quayle
Stevenson Davies
Richard Ridings
Richard Shaw
Security Guard
Oliver Parker
Man at Butler's School
Guy Standeven
George Sweeney
Heavy (as Guy Sweeney)
Lindy Whiteford