The Hucksters

Tuesday, 16th February 1988

In which Matlock defends the fellow accused of killing a CIO of a beauty product empire.

Has the novelty of a phone in segment where the audience gets to choose who-did-it. DVD has two alternate endings!

Andy Griffith
Benjamin Matlock
Nancy Stafford
Attorney Michelle Thomas
Kari Lizer
Cassie Phillips
Kene Holliday
Tyler Hudson
Marla Adams
Beth Broderick
Jane Barnes
Dann Florek
Ken Pritchard
Michael Flynn
Don Ridgely
Heidi Kozak
Alice Wierman
Robert Lesser
Robert Ullman
Lucille Meredith
Judge Irene Sawyer
Stephanie Shroyer
Cathy Wolfe
James A. Watson Jr.
Stephen Spector
Martin West
Lawrence Hall
Rob Wininger
Hal Simpson