The Munsters
Happy 100th Anniversary

Thursday, 21st October 1965
 7:30 pm CBS

Series 2, Episode 6

With their 100th wedding anniversary approaching, and with little money in the bank account, Herman and Lily individualy seek employment to raise enough cash to buy the other a gift, without the other knowing.

Thursday, 21st October 1965CBS1930MunstersHappy 100th Anniversary

Bob Hastings
Fred Gwynne
Herman Munster
Yvonne De Carlo
Lily Munster
Al Lewis
Pat Priest
Marilyn Munster
Butch Patrick
Eddie Munster
Robert Cornthwaite
Mr. Parker
Jack Grinnage
Mr. Walpole
Vinton Hayworth
The Bank Manager
William O'Connell
The Bank Clerk
Foster Brooks
The Admiral
Noam Pitlik
Jack Poyer

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