Murder, She Wrote
O'Malley's Luck

Sunday, 25th March 1990
 8:00 pm CBS

Sunday, 25th March 1990CBS2000Murder, She WroteO'Malley's Luck
Friday, 16th August 2019WGN0900Murder, She WroteO'Malley's Luck
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Jay Acovone
Det. Sgt. Vinnie Grillo
Brian Avery
Pamela Bowen
Cindy Marsh
Stacy Edwards
Officer Frances Xavier Rawley
Pat Hingle
Lt. James Ignatius O'Malley
James Carroll Jordan
Paul G. Abbott
Angela Lansbury
Jessica Fletcher
Ron Leibman
Roland Trent
Nicholas Pryor
David Kingston
Francesca Roberts
Carolyn Seymour
Alice Montrose
Philip Sterling
Capt. Sam Cohen
Steve Whiteford