One Foot In The Grave
I'll Retire To Bedlam

Thursday, 25th January 1990

Series 1, Episode 4

Victor starts the day in a wonderful mood, which lasts all of five minutes until he gets confined to his garden shed with a swarm of bees on the outside. Later, he is asked to be a baby-sitter by his niece, Iris.

Victor Meldrew: (to wife Margaret, after standing on a rug in the bedroom) "I don't believe these bloody rugs! How the hell do they keep moving across the floor? What do you do, oil the carpet?"

Richard Wilson
Victor Meldrew
Annette Crosbie
Margaret Meldrew
Rebecca Stevens
Roger Hammond
Mr. Gillespie
John Bluthal
Mr. Jellinek
Cecily Hobbs
Eye Clinic Nurse
Norman Lumsden
Mr. Parslow
Evie Garratt
Old Lady
Victoria Hasted
TV Producer
Joolia Cappleman
Jim Barclay
Mr. Davidson
Edward Harris
Simon Bright
John Cassady
Hospital Nurse
Heather Canning
Hospital Doctor
Tony Mathews
Tory MP

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