Perry Mason
Case of the Fugitive Nurse

Saturday, 15th February 1958
 7:30 pm CBS

Saturday, 15th February 1958CBS1930Perry MasonCase of the Fugitive Nurse
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Raymond Burr
Perry Mason
Barbara Hale
Della Street
William Hopper
Paul Drake
William Talman
Hamilton Burger
Ray Collins
Lt. Tragg
Shepperd Strudwick
Dr. Morris
Bethel Leslie
Janet Morris
Dabbs Greer
Dave Kirby
Maxine Cooper
Gladys Strome
Jeanette Nolan
Mrs. Kirby
Helen Brown
Mrs. Strome
Al Lettieri
Arthur Strome (as Anthony Lettier)
Arthur Hanson
Lt. Brewer
Larry J. Blake
George Davis
Sydney Mason
Det. Ralston
Lee Roberts
Det. Ron Jacks
Gil Frye
Joey Ray
Jack Kenny
Detective (as Jack Kenney)
Owen Cunningham
Jack Harris
Court Clerk (as Jack W. Harris)
Woody Chambliss
Phil Reese
Jack W. Harris
court clerk
Anthony Lettier
Arthur Strome