Perry Mason
Case of the Misguided Missile

Saturday, 6th May 1961
 7:30 pm CBS

Saturday, 6th May 1961CBS1930Perry MasonCase of the Misguided Missile

Richard Arlen
Dr. Harrison
Jeanne Bal
Helen Rand
Bruce Bennett
Dan Morgan
Alan Dexter
Dr. Stanton
Med Flory
Capt. McVey
Lawrence Gray
Brig. Gen. Bishop
Clark Howat
Lt. Col. Fremont
Ronny Knox
Sgt. Lewis
Paul Lees
air policeman
George N. Neise
George Huxley
Simon Oakland
Capt. Coldwell
Stephen Roberts
Major Cooke
Robert Rockwell
Major Jerry Reynolds
William Schallert
Dr. Bradbury
Richard Shannon
Col. Sloan
James Sikking
civilian engineer