Perry Mason
Case of the Missing Button

Thursday, 24th September 1964
 8:00 pm CBS

Thursday, 24th September 1964CBS2000Perry MasonCase of the Missing Button

Julie Adams
Janice Blake
Stanley Adams
Pancho Moraeu
Alan Baxter
Roger Gray
Lysa D'Anjou
Naomi Sutherland
Joe Dominguez
Anthony Eisley
Vince Rome
Richard Geary
scuba diver
Dee Hartford
Lois Gray
Pitt Herbert
coroner's physican
Charles Irving
Judge Blanchard
Otto Kruger
Judge Norris
David Macklin
Mike Sommers
Jean MacRae
woman at motel
Mike Mazurki
Cully Barstow
Lee Miller
Sgt. Brice
Ed Nelson
Dirk Blake
Ruth Packard
Miss Smithers
Robert Riordan
Janice's lawyer
Garland Thompson
lab expert
Claire Wilcox
Button Blake