Perry Mason
Case of the Impetuous Imp

Sunday, 10th October 1965
 9:00 pm CBS

Sunday, 10th October 1965CBS2100Perry MasonCase of the Impetuous Imp
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Land Brooks
Jeff Cooper
Henning Dolwig
Don Dubbins
Bill Vincent
Stuart Erwin
Henry Simmons
Michael Fox
Dr. Lund
Helen Gerald
Bonnie Jones
Diana Carter
Hanna Landy
Helga Dolwig
Frank Marth
Mike Carson
James McCallion
Harvey Blake
Lee Miller
Sgt. Brice
Byron Morrow
Judge Brawley
Ed Prentiss
Judge Morton
Clay Tanner
Dan Tobin
Terence Clay
Richard Webb
Addison Powell
Wally West
shelter man