Simon and Simon
Reunion at Alcatraz

Thursday, 14th November 1985
 9:00 pm CBS

Thursday, 14th November 1985CBS2100Simon and SimonReunion at Alcatraz
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Gerald McRaney
Rick Simon
Jameson Parker
Andrew Jackson 'A.J.' Simon
Mary Carver
Cecilia Simon
Tim Reid
Det. Marcel 'Downtown' Brown
Vincent Baggetta
Ron Lottick
William Bryant
Marshall J. Underwood
William Bryant
Marshall J. Underwood
Rosemary Forsyth
Ellen Lottick
Richard Green
Motel Manager
Caren Kaye
Elizabeth Charles
Robert Lansing
P.I. Sam Penny
Don Maxwell
Police Sergeant
Virginia Vincent
Toni Myers
Al White
James Widdoes
Attorney Roger Brunswick (as Jamie Widdoes)