Joan of Arcadia
Game Theory

Friday, 7th January 2005

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Joe Mantegna
Will Girardi
Mary Steenburgen
Helen Girardi
Amber Tamblyn
Joan Girardi
Jason Ritter
Kevin Girardi
Michael Welch
Luke Girardi
Chris Marquette
Adam Rove
Aaron Himelstein
Mageina Tovah
Glynis Figliola
Kimberly McCullough
Beth Reinhart
Mark Totty
Det. Carlisle
Jack Plotnick
The Other Sammy
John Marshall Jones
Chess Player God
Mark Matkevich
Jane Daly
Janet Tuchman
Yorgo Constantine
Vladamir Karpovic
Kevin Rahm
Dana Tuchman
Constance Zimmer
Sister Lilly Watters
Annie Potts
Lieutenant Lucy Preston
Jack Merrill
Uniformed Officer