Space: 1999
Collision Course

Thursday, 18th September 1975
 7:00 pm Midlands

Thursday, 18th September 1975Midlands1900Space: 1999Collision Course
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Martin Landau
Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain
Dr. Helena Russell
Barry Morse
Prof. Victor Bergman
Margaret Leighton
Prentis Hancock
Paul Morrow
Clifton Jones
David Kano
Zienia Merton
Sandra Benes
Anton Phillips
Dr. Mathias
Nick Tate
Alan Carter
Vic Armstrong
Main Mission Operative
Sarah Bullen
Operative Kate
Loftus Burton
Main Mission Operative
Andy Dempsey
Main Mission Operative
Annie Lambert
Main Mission Operative
Alan Harris
Main Mission Operative
Suzanne Roquette
Tanya Aleksandr
Mike Stevens
Main Mission Operative
Glenda Allen
Tony Allyn
Security Guard
Alf Joint
Alphan on Balcony
Quentin Pierre
Security Guard