St. Elsewhere
Playing God: Part 1

Wednesday, 19th September 1984

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Ed Flanders
Dr. Donald Westphall
William Daniels
Dr. Mark Craig
Norman Lloyd
Dr. Daniel Auschlander
Ed Begley Jr.
Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Ellen Bry
Nurse Shirley Daniels
Stephen Furst
Dr. Elliot Axelrod
Mark Harmon
Dr. Robert Caldwell
Terence Knox
Dr. Peter White
Eric Laneuville
Luther Hawkins
Helen Hunt
Clancy Williams
Sagan Lewis
Dr. Jacqueline Wade
Stephen Elliott
Manny Schecter
Howie Mandel
Dr. Wayne Fiscus
John Hammond
Michael Duffy
Ernie Hudson
Jerry Close
David Morse
Dr. Jack Morrison
Francis X. McCarthy
Father Lindsay Flynn
Priscilla Morrill
Sister Teresa
Michael Learned
Sister Millicent Domenica
Christina Pickles
Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Jennifer Savidge
Nurse Lucy Papandrao
Cynthia Sikes
Dr. Annie Cavanero
Byron Stewart
Warren Coolidge
Brian Tochi
Dr. Alan Poe
Judith Hansen
Dr. Emily Humes
Denzel Washington
Dr. Philip Chandler
Christina Kokubo
Paramedic Faith Yee
Edward Herrmann