The Flight in the Heather

Monday, 28th July 1952
 9:00 pm BBC

Wednesday, 24th September 1958ABN 21900KidnappedThe Flight in the Heather

Monday, 28th July 1952BBC2100KidnappedThe Flight in the Heather
Tuesday, 29th July 1952BBC1700KidnappedThe Flight in the Heather
Sunday, 10th November 1963BBC1700KidnappedThe Flight in the Heather
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John Fraser
David Balfour
Patrick Troughton
Alan Breck
John Young
James Stewart
Kelty MacLeod
Mrs. Stewart
Shirley Hall
Stewart's daughter
Robert Scroggins
Stewart's son
Hugh Munro
Stewart's son
James McKechnie
John Breck / Narrator
Derek Tansley
Redcoat soldier
John Boyd-Brent
Redcoat soldier