The Day the Dream Died

Wednesday, 16th November 1988

Re-evaluation of the Kennedy assassination that favours the grassy knoll shooter and offers evidence.

One for the conspiracy theorists ... make your own mind up. The dramatic photo enhacement of the alleged grassy knoll shooter I find highly suspect though.

Christopher Plumley
Mark Smith
Voice: Warren Commission
James Tague
Witness (archive)
Bill Dodd
Witness (archive)
S.M. Holland
Witness (archive)
Billy Newman
Witness (archive)
Lee Harvey Oswald
himself (archive)
Marina Oswald
herself (archive)
Jesse Curry
Chief of Dallas Police (archive)
Nelson Delgado
Ex-marine served with Oswald (archive)
John Connally
Governor of Texas (archive)
Aubrey Wright
Paul O'Connor
autopsy assistant (archive)
Gerald Custer
x-ray tech. (archive)
Nancy Hamilton
Ruby employee (archive)