Flying Swan
Company Property

Saturday, 29th May 1965

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Richard Armour
Second Delegate
John Barcroft
Jimmy Hyde
John Boyd-Brent
Ian Colin
Ewart Rogerson
Edward Dentith
Bruce Rentoff
Eric Dodson
First Delegate
Jessica Dunning
Julie Knight
Christopher Greatorex
Alistair Vawdry
Wendy Hall
Robin Hawdon
Robert Sterling
Nerys Hughes
Geoffrey Keen
Sir Donald Fletcher
Julia Lockwood
Carol Manning
Margaret Lockwood
Mollie Manning
Garry Marsh
Charlie Manders
Hugh McDermott
Dwight Cooper
Nadja Regin
Tanja Sykes
Molly Urquhart
Jessie McDonald
Tom Watson
Fred Potter
Malcolm Webster
Dan Sykes