Flying Swan
The Diamond Pendant

Saturday, 18th September 1965

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Margaret Lockwood
Mollie Manning
Julia Lockwood
Carol Manning
John Boyd-Brent
John D. Collins
Geoffrey Denton
Colonel Barnby
Jannice Dinnen
Margaret Anne-Baxter (as Janice Dinnen)
Victor Lucas
Eliot Fordyce
Roy Marsden
Tony Hassall
Garry Marsh
Charlie Manders
Ferdy Mayne
Ben Bannister
Hugh McDermott
Dwight Cooper
Norman Mitchell
Piers Franklin
Bert Palmer
The Tipstaff
Gillian Royale
Robert Russell
Det. Sgt. Davies
Anthony Sagar
Albert Towers
Molly Urquhart
Jessie McDonald
Alister Williamson
Police Sgt. Waters