Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible
Frenzy of Tongs

Monday, 19th November 2001
 9:30 pm BBC2

Synopsis: Limehouse, 1910: Inventor and gentleman adventurer Nathan Blaze locks horns with Chinese criminal mastermind Hang Man Chang in the sewers of London's East End. Not only must he stop him from smuggling opium into the water supply but rescue a beautiful girl from the clutches of a giant crab.

Connections: Fu Manchu (the character of Sergeant Rohmer is named after the creator Sax Rohmer), Sherlock Holmes, Nathan Blazes is a cross between Jason King and Adam Adamant, James Bond (SPECTRE organisation-type logo), the Doctor Who serial The Talons of Weng-Chiang even gets referenced with a Talon Street and Mr Sin - here the giant rat is replaced with a giant crab (alluding to The Macra Terror).

Monday, 19th November 2001BBC22130Dr. Terrible's House of HorribleFrenzy of Tongs

Steve Coogan
Dr. Terrible
Steve Coogan
Nathan Blaze
John Thomson
Sir Donald Tyburn
Melanie Gutteridge
David Cheung
Wong (as David Y. Cheung)
Mark Benton
Sergeant Rohmer
Mark Gatiss
Hang Man Chang
Tony Tang
Lourdes Faberes
Woo Woo
Paul Courtenay Hyu
Inspector Fong

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