Royal Air Force Shorts
Pattern for Ditching


John Mallinson
Air Ministry
Production Company
Merton Park Studios
Production Company

Enjoyable dramatization of a Vulcan bomber ditching; comes across like a live-action episode of Thunderbirds. Perfect for aviation nuts and SPECTRE agents.

Thanks to Philly for identifying some unknowns!

Brian Cobby
Mac, Flying Officer
Unknown 3595-19562-02
Group Captain
Gordon Needham
Squadron Leader Foxall, Vulcan Pilot
Unknown 3595-19562-03
'Dickie,' Vulcan Co-Pilot
Unknown 3595-19562-04
Bob, Vulcan Navigator
Unknown 3595-19562-05
Vulcan Crew
Unknown 3595-19562-06
Vulcan Crew
Gordon Harris
Duty Air Traffic Control Officer,
RAF St. Eval
Unknown 3595-19562-07
Air Traffic Control Officer,
RAF St. Eval
Unknown 3595-19562-08
'Nobby,' Corporal at RCC Mountbatten
Mark Dignam
Wing Commander, RCC Mountbatten
Lane Meddick
'Freddy,' Squadron Leader Navigator
Anthony Woodruff
Lecturer at Ditching Briefing
Unknown 3595-19562-10
Pilot at Ditching Briefing
Unknown 3595-19562-11
Pilot at Ditching Briefing
Norman Johns
Pilot at Ditching Briefing
Unknown 3595-19562-13
Shackleton Pilot
Unknown 3595-19562-14
Rescue Launch Captain
Unknown 3595-19562-15
Rescue Launch Coxswain
Unknown 3595-19562-16
Coast Guard, Land's End
John Longden
A.R. Till
Unknown 3595-19562-17
Till's Assistant
Unknown 3595-19562-18
Morris Perry
Farnborough Scientist
Unknown 3595-19562-20
Farnborough Scientist
Unknown 3595-19562-21
Farnborough Scientist
Unknown 3595-19562-22
Farnborough Scientist
Unknown 3595-19562-23
Farnborough Gate Guard
Avro Vulcan
Itself (XA891)
Avro Shackleton
Itself (WG556)
HSL 2597
Rescue Launch

Dave Wright: Screencaps & Notes