Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe
Chapter 3

Buster Crabbe
Flash Gordon (as Larry 'Buster' Crabbe)
Carol Hughes
Dale Arden
Charles Middleton
Emperor Ming
Anne Gwynne
Sonja (credit only)
Frank Shannon
Dr. Alexis Zarkov
John Hamilton
Professor Gordon (credit only)
Herbert Rawlinson
Dr. Frohmann (credit only)
Tom Chatterton
Professor Arden (credit only)
Shirley Deane
Princess Aura
Lee Powell
Captain Roka
Roland Drew
Prince Barin
Don Rowan
Captain Torch
Victor Zimmerman
Lieutenant Thong
Edgar Edwards
Captain Turan
Ben Taggart
General Lupi (credit only)
Michael Mark
Professor Karm (credit only)
Earl Dwire
Janda (credit only)
Harry C. Bradley
Keedish (credit only)
Sigurd Nilssen
Count Korro (credit only)
Mimi Taylor
Verna (credit only)
Byron Foulger
Professor Drok (credit only)
William Royle
Captain Sudan (credit only)
Ernie Adams
Minor Role
Roy Barcroft
Ming's Soldier [Ch 6, 10-12]/Arborian Sentry [Ch 6]
Robert Blair
Minor Role
Jean Brooks
Olga, Ming's Henchwoman [Ch. 5]
Allan Cavan
Man with Thinking Brain [Ch. 1]
Wheaton Chambers
Scientist [Chs. 1, 4]
Lane Chandler
Ming's Soldier [Chs. 3-5, 7-8, 12]
Donald Curtis
Ronal [Chs. 1-12]
Harold Daniels
Minor Role
Carmen D'Antonio
Ming's Dancing Girl [Chs. 1, 3-4]
Luli Deste
Queen Fria [Chs. 1-2]
Paul Douglas
John Elliott
Jack Gardner
Professor Gordon's Radio Operator [Chs. 1, 4]
Jack George
Scientist [Chs. 1, 4]
Pat Gleason
Minor Role
Saul A. Goodkind
Various Characters (voice)
Reed Howes
Barin's Ship #5 Commander
Bill Hunter
Prince of the Rock People [Chs. 7-9]
Vivian Mason
Ming's Gong Girl [Chs. 1-4]
Eddie Parker
Arborian Prison Guard [Ch. 10]
Ernie Payson
Minor Role
Joey Ray
Professor Gordon's Assistant [Ch. 1]
Paul Reed
Minor Role
Gene Rizzi
Ming's Soldier
Jack Roper
Man of Low Intellect [Ch. 1]
Charles Sherlock
Guard Kroad [Ch. 11]
Clarice Sherry
Queen Grenda
Tom Steele
Ming's Pilot [Ch. 11]
Chief Yowlachie
King of the Rock People [Chs. 7-9]