The Prisoner
Hammer Into Anvil

Sunday, 10th December 1967
 7:25 pm ITV

Sunday, 10th December 1967ITV1925PrisonerHammer Into Anvil

Patrick McGoohan
Number Six
Patrick Cargill
Number Two
Victor Maddern
Basil Hoskins
Number Fourteen
Norman Scace
Psychiatric Director
Derek Aylward
New Supervisor
Angelo Muscat
The Butler
Arthur Gross
Control Room Operator
Peter Swanwick
Victor Woolf
Shop Assistant
Michael Segal
Laboratory Technician
Margo Andrew
Shop Kiosk Girl
Jack Cooper
1st Guardian (as Jackie Cooper)
Fred Haggerty
2nd Guardian
Eddie Powell
3rd Guardian
George Leech
4th Guardian (as George Leach)
Pat Gorman
Hospital Orderly