Track 1: The Cloak of Invisibility

Tuesday, 31st May 2022

An aspiring band finds themselves in the right place and right time to engineer a minor revolution.

Somewhat soapy and self indulgent look at the rise and fall of The Sex Pistols and the London milieu and personalities that spawned them.

In hindsight it all seems a bit trite, but the country and the pop scene certainly needed this angry hand grenade of a movement.

Toby Wallace
Steve Jones
Sydney Chandler
Chrissie Hynde
Christian Lees
Glen Matlock
Jacob Slater
Paul Cook
Anson Boon
John Lydon
Talulah Riley
Vivienne Westwood
Maisie Williams
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Malcolm McLaren
Dylan Llewellyn
Wally Nightingale
Ferdia Walsh-Peelo
Nick Kent
Toby Woolf
Young Steve
Jay Simpson
Ron, Steve's Stepdad
Charlotte Randle
Mary, Steve's Mum
Dorothy Atkinson
Sylvia Cook
Tony Hirst
Tom Cook
Robert Whitelock
Phil Nightingale
Jordan Dawes
Lawyer, Mike Wentworth
William Chubb
Judge Knightley
John McCrea
Steve Severin
Freddie Wise
Simon Barker

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