Dixon of Dock Green
A Right Artful Monkey

Saturday, 14th March 1964
 6:15 pm BBC1

Saturday, 14th March 1964BBC11815Dixon of Dock GreenA Right Artful Monkey
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Geoffrey Adams
Det. Con. Lauderdale
Brian Badcoe
Mr. Field
Sean Barry-Weske
Peter Byrne
Det. Sgt. Andy Crawford
Janet Davies
Mrs. Walters
Roy Denton
Edna Doré
Mrs. Hill
Paul Elliott
Cadet Michael Bonnet
John Hughes
PC Jones
Jeanette Hutchinson
Mary Crawford
Jan Miller
WPC Alex Johns
Jeanne Mockford
Mrs. Field
Morris Parsons
Mr. East
Anne Ridler
WP Sgt. Chris Freeman
Arthur Rigby
Station Sgt. Flint
John Rolfe
Jack Stewart
Captain Dale
Eric Thompson
Harry Wilde
Jack Warner
PC George Dixon
Joseph Wise
Police Constable