Sleep of the Just

Friday, 5th August 2022

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Tom Sturridge
Boyd Holbrook
The Corinthian
Vivienne Acheampong
Niamh Walsh
Young Ethel Cripps
Bill Paterson
Dr. John Hathaway
Laurie Kynaston
Alex Burgess
Charles Dance
Roderick Burgess
Ansu Kabia
Ruthven Sykes
Benjamin Evan Ainsworth
Alex Burgess (6)
Stacy Abalogun
Nurse Edmunds
Nicola Achilleas
Pushy Person #4
Jennifer Adab
Disciple #5
Roger Ajogbe
James Kincaid
Will Atiomo
Guard #4 (Maurice)
Martin Bishop
Benedick Blythe
Alex Burgess (70)
Alistair Bourne
Pushy Person #1
Ione Brown
Sleepwalking Patient
Clare Buckingham
Sleep-Deprived Patient
Andre Bullock
Pushy Person #3
Simon Bundock
Alex Burgess Double (6)
James Chuma Mbanefo
Guard #5 (Rogers)
Tracy Collier
Disciple #2
Christopher Colquhoun
Paul McGuire (62)
Naomi Cooper-Davis
Guard #11 (Ernie)
Sion Alun Davies
Keiran Flynn
Taxi Driver
Gus Gordon
Paul McGuire (18-42)
Robert Grose
Disciple #1
Gill Jordan
Disciple #4
Jordan Long
Guard #10 (Fred)
Louis Martin
Guard #3 (Noel)
Corey Mylchreest
Johnny Palmiero
Guard #2 (Simon)
Eugene Rangayah
Disciple #3
Amy Rockson
Margaret Kincaid
Douglas Russell
Guard #1 (Hugo)
Madeleine Wilshire
Pushy Person #2
Momo Yeung
Disciple #6

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