Lockwood & Co
This Will Be Us

Friday, 27th January 2023

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Ruby Stokes
Lucy Carlyle
Cameron Chapman
Anthony Lockwood
Ali Hadji-Heshmati
George Karim
Sharon Morgan
Mrs. Hope
Sandra Huggett
Mrs. Carlyle
Andrew Woodall
Mr. Jacobs
Vanessa White-Smith
Mrs. Clarke
Bobby Brown
Twana Omer
Lily Newmark
Norrie White
Shalini Peiris
Nicola Wright
Woman at King's Cross
Toby Constad
Fittes HQ Officer
Foluke Anglin
Rotwell HQ Officer
Claire Hackett
Woman at Tendy & Sons
Jemma Moore
Annabel Ward (voice)
Ishtar Currie-Wilson
Annabel Ward

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