Silent Witness
An Academic Exercise

Thursday, 19th March 1998

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Nick Redding
DI Michael Connor
Amanda Burton
Sam Ryan
Nick Reding
D.I. Michael Connor
William Armstrong
Trevor Stewart
Anthony Bate
Prof. Leon Foreman
Michael Siberry
Dr. James Reynolds
Denyse Alexander
Martin's Mother
Jason Cheater
Simon Lovitz
Kevin Doyle
Martin Evans
Emily Hamilton
Louise Thomas
Clarista Hoult
Amy Evans
Nicholas Hoult
Tom Evans
George Jackos
Filippo Rossi
Adam James
Eden Blackman
Mark Letheren
DS Rob Bradley
Basil Moss
Alec Newman
Nick Arnold
Robert Oates
Paul Panting
Sam Parks
Fred Dale
Emily Ruck-Keene
Claire Evans
Andrew Scarborough
Marco Rossi
Katharine Schlesinger
Dr. Annabelle Evans
Belinda Sinclair
Anne Horton
Mark Umbers
Male Student