Alias Smith and Jones
The Root of It All

Thursday, 25th March 1971
 7:30 pm ABC

Thursday, 25th March 1971ABC1930Alias Smith and JonesThe Root of It All
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Pete Duel
Hannibal Heyes (alias Joshua Smith)
Ben Murphy
Jed 'Kid' Curry (alias Thaddeus Jones)
Judy Carne
Leslie O'Hara
Tom Ewell
Deputy Treadwell
Logan Ramsey
Oscar Rosewood
Mills Watson
Squint Simpson
Meg Wyllie
Prudence Palmer
Victoria Thompson
Margaret Chapman
Jerome Cowan
Waldo Hennessy
Elliott Montgomery
Jenson (as C. Elliott Montgomery)
Walt Davis
Sheriff Brewster
Frank Arno
Phil Laudermilk
Dick Crockett
Lefty Gooch
Roger Davis
Read Morgan
Chuck Roberson
Stage Driver