Wagon Train
The Cassie Vance Story

Monday, 23rd December 1963
 8:30 pm ABC

Monday, 23rd December 1963ABC2030Wagon TrainThe Cassie Vance Story
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John McIntire
Christopher Hale
Robert Fuller
Cooper Smith
Frank McGrath
Charlie Wooster
Terry Wilson
Bill Hawks
Denny Miller
Duke Shannon
Laraine Day
Cassie Vance
Richard Carlson
Adam Vance
Michael Burns
Barnaby West
Kevin Corcoran
Davie Vance
Beverly Washburn
Milly Sharp
Eleanor Audley
Minerva Ames
John Harmon
Bert Jenkins
Adrienne Marden
Mrs. Jenkins
Sam Edwards
Hollis Ames
Barry Atwater
Warden (as G.B. Atwater)
Richard Hale
Junius Holland
Harry Holcombe
The Judge
Karen Green
Young Cassie
Robert Strauss
Floyd Sharp
Eve McVeagh
Mrs. Sharp