The Bill
Home Beat

Monday, 2nd December 1985

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Eric Richard
Sgt. Cryer
John Salthouse
Det. Insp. Galloway
Mark Wingett
P.C. Carver
Robert Hudson
P.C. Smith
Ralph Brown
P.C. Muswell
Tony Scannell
Det. Sgt. Roach
Jon Iles
Det. Con. Dashwood
Colin Blumenau
P.C. Edwards
Trudie Goodwin
W.P.C. Ackland
Peter Ellis
Chief Supt. Brownlow
Roger Leach
Sgt. Penny
Jeff Stewart
P.C. Hollis
Ronny Cush
P.C. Lyttleton
Nula Conwell
W.P.C. Martella
Chris Walker
P.C. Shaw
Alison King
Gypsy Wife
Michael Mawby
Man with Car at Pound
Charu Bala Chokshi
Indian Lady
Nick Stringer
Terry Mitchell
Shay Gorman
Pongo Johnson
Margaret Flint
Maizie Stannard (as Maggie Flint)
Larry Noble
Mr. Farley
Badi Uzzaman
Mr. Ahmed
Alan Ford
Tony Kemp
Lucita Lijertwood
West Indian Wife
Patricia Kane
Mrs. Spriggs
Lala Lloyd
Lady Pensioner
Janina Faye
Mrs. Pullen
Vera Jakob
John Rutter
Rosalind Elliot
Mrs. Kinsey
Anne Havard
John Lyons
Fire Investigation Officer