The Bill
Cheap at Half the Price

Tuesday, 1st November 1994
 8:00 pm Carlton

Tuesday, 1st November 1994Carlton2000BillCheap at Half the Price
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Kevin Lloyd
D.C. Lines
Graham Cole
P.C. Tony Stamp
Barbara Ewing
Nina Hanley
Iain Fletcher
D.C. Rod Skase
Trudie Goodwin
W.P.C. June Ackland
Jaye Griffiths
D.I. Sally Johnson
Louise Harrison
W.P.C. Donna Harris
Dave Hill
William Hanley
Chrissie Kendall
Michael McLean
Ben Murphy
Lenny Kennet
Kerry Peers
W.D.C. Suzi Croft
Simon Rouse
D.C.I. Jack Meadows
Shaun Scott
D.S. Chris Deakin