The Simpsons
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore

Sunday, 9th April 2006

20th Century Fox Television
Production Company
Gracie Films
Production Company

Season 17, Episode 17

When Mr. Burns shifts his nuclear plant's resources to India, he employs Homer to work there for him. Meanwhile back in Springfield, Patty & Selma manage to kidnap the star of their favourite tv show, MacGuyver, when he attends a convention.

Unfunny, awful, boring episode which drags on and on and fact it's pointlessly embarrassing!

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Dan Castellaneta
Homer Simpson/
Squeaky-voiced Teen
Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson/
Patty & Selma Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright
Bart Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson
Hank Azaria
Comic Book Guy/Moe Szyslak/Carl/Apu's relative
Harry Shearer
Waylon Smithers & Montgomery Burns/
Richard Dean Anderson
Tress MacNeille

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