Burke's Law
Who Killed Supersleuth?

Wednesday, 16th December 1964
 9:30 pm ABC

Wednesday, 16th December 1964ABC2130Burke's LawWho Killed Supersleuth?
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Gene Barry
Capt. Amos Burke
Gary Conway
Det. Tim Tilson
Regis Toomey
Det. Les Hart
Leon Lontoc
Ed Begley
Bascule Doirot
Ed Begley
Bascule Doirot
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Commissar Ilona Buda
Thomas Gomez
Caligula Foxe
J. Carrol Naish
Mr. Toto
Carl Reiner
Chief Inspector House
Francine York
Nurse Brown
Art Lewis
Robert Bice
Police Officer (as Bob Bice)
Eve Brent
Room Service Waitress
Bebe Louie
Geisha Girl #2
Eileen O'Neill
Sgt. Gloria Ames
Tom Kennedy
Skid Row Bartender