The Nuisance

Saturday, 6th March 1976
 8:00 pm NBC

Saturday, 6th March 1976NBC2000Emergency!The Nuisance
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Robert Fuller
Dr. Kelly Brackett
Julie London
Dixie McCall, R.N.
Bobby Troup
Dr. Joe Early
Randolph Mantooth
Paramedic John Gage
Kevin Tighe
Paramedic Roy DeSoto
Michael Norell
Captain Hank Stanley
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard
Bar Owner
Carole Cook
Gretchen Corbett
Mary Lynn Smith
Tim Donnelly
Fireman Chet Kelly
Ruth Gordon
Coleen Gray
Clair Brightweiser
Vince Howard
Police Officer Vince, LASD
Sam Lanier
Radio Dispatcher
Marco López
Fireman Marco Lopez
Byron Morrow
Mr. Brightweiser
Joseph V. Perry
James G. Richardson
Paramedic Craig Brice, LACoFD
Joan Shawlee
Mike Stoker
Fireman Mike Stoker
Marla Adams
Soap Opera Patient
Chris Capen
B- Shift Paramedic
Larry Carroll
Jeff Pitcher, the TV Newscaster
J.B. Friend
Firefighter Dick Friend, LACoFD
Morgan Jones
Captain, Engine *43, LACoFD
Howard McGillin
Paramedic Dwyer - LACoFD
George Orrison
The Hit and Run Driver