Drop the Dead Donkey
The Final Chapter

Wednesday, 9th December 1998

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Susannah Doyle
Joy Merryweather
Robert Duncan
Gus Hedges
Ingrid Lacey
Helen Cooper
Neil Pearson
Dave Charnley
Jeff Rawle
George Dent
David Swift
Henry Davenport
Stephen Tompkinson
Damien Day
Victoria Wicks
Sally Smedley
James Bannon
Vivian Stanmore
Neil Stuke
Wes Jasper
Melvyn Hayes
Sir Gordon
Neville Phillips
Iain Rogerson
Roger Hammond
Sir Roysten
Maureen Bennett
Miss Frobisher
Victoria Carling
Allan Corduner
Art Critic
Clare Clifford
Guy Jenkin
Removal Man
Geoffrey McGivern
Repeat introductions
Richard Osman
Removal Man