Danger Man
Find and Return

Sunday, 8th January 1961
 7:30 pm ITV

British spy flees to the middle Eastern nation of Beth-Ja-Brin, and Drake is sent to retrieve her and her British passport, the better to process charges of high treason against her.

Interesting episode with a surprisng number of nuanced characters crammed into a half-hour, including Stassino's magnate with delusions of Western grandeur. The real standout is Pleasance's sweaty and rumpled little line agent, who is more concerned with his expense account and the price of eggs than the moral ramifications of murder.

-Frank Thornton is credited as "Police Captain," but another source lists him as "Airport Official." Either way, his scenes appear to have been left on the cutting room floor.

-Dave W.

Sunday, 8th January 1961ITV1930Danger ManFind and Return

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Moira Lister
Vanessa Stewart
Donald Pleasence
Richard Wattis
Paul Stassino
Zena Marshall
Mrs. Ramfi
Warren Mitchell
Keith Rawlings
George Curtis
Police Captain
Gerry Judge
Nikolides' Customer
Nancy Seabrook
Mrs. Nikolides
Martin Lyder
Stan Simmons
Agent in Casino
Peter Perkins
Agent in Casino
Harry Phipps
Ramfi's Chauffeur

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