F Troop

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Scourge of the West09/14/1965 9:00 pmABCUSA2017
1Don't Look Now, One of Our Cannon Is Missing09/21/196513
1The Phantom Major09/28/19651311
1Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops10/05/196515
1The Return of Bald Eagle10/12/196511
1Dirge for the Scourge10/19/196514
1The Girl from Philadelphia10/26/196514
1Old Ironpants11/02/196516
1Me Heap Big Injun11/09/196511
1She's Only a Build in a Girdled Cage11/16/196513
1A Gift from the Chief11/23/196512
1Honest Injun11/30/196511
1O'Rourke vs. O'Reilly12/07/196510
1The 86 Proof Spring12/14/196514
1Here Comes the Tribe12/21/196512
1Iron Horse Go Home12/28/196513
1Our Hero, What's His Name?01/04/196615
1Wrongo Starr and the Lady in Black01/11/196613
1El Diablo01/18/196615
1Go for Broke01/25/196613
1The New I.G.02/08/196614
1Spy, Counterspy, Counter Counterspy02/15/196616
1The Courtship of Wrangler Jane02/22/196612
1Play, Gypsy, Play03/01/196613
1Reunion for O'Rourke03/08/196616
1Captain Parmenter, One Man Army03/15/196617
1Don't Ever Speak to Me Again03/22/196617
1Too Many Cooks Spoil the Troop03/29/196613
1Indian Fever04/05/196613
1Johnny Eagle Eye04/12/196614
1A Fort's Best Friend Is Not a Mother04/19/196614
1Lieutenant O'Rourke, Front and Center04/26/196613
1The Day the Indians Won05/03/196613
1Will the Real Captain Try to Stand Up05/10/196613
2The Singing Mountie09/08/1966 7:00 pmABCUSA11
2How to Be F Troop Without Really Trying09/15/196612
2Bye, Bye, Balloon09/22/196612
2Reach for the Sky, Pardner09/29/196613
2The Great Troop Robbery10/06/196612
2The West Goes Ghost10/13/1966119
2Yellow Bird10/20/1966 8:00 pmABCUSA13
2The Ballot of Corporal Agarn10/27/196615
2Did Your Father Come from Ireland?11/03/196611
2For Who the Bugle Tolls11/10/196613
2Miss Parmenter11/17/196612
2La Dolce Courage11/24/196613
2Wilton, the Kid12/01/196612
2The Return of Wrongo Starr12/08/196613
2Survival of the Fittest12/15/196614
2Bring on the Dancing Girls12/22/196616
2The Loco Brothers12/29/196612
2From Karate with Love01/05/1967 8:00 pmABCUSA1313
2The Sergeant and the Kid01/12/196714
2What Are You Doing After the Massacre?01/19/196712
2A Horse of Another Color01/26/196710
2V Is for Vampire02/02/196711
2That's Show Biz02/09/196712
2The Day They Shot Agarn02/16/196713
2Only One Russian Is Coming! Only One Russian Is Coming!02/23/196710
2Guns, Guns, Who's Got the Guns?03/02/196712
2Marriage, Fort Courage Style03/09/196710
2Carpetbagging, Anyone?03/16/196713
2The Majority of Wilton03/23/196711
2Our Brave in F Troop03/30/196713
2Is This Fort Really Necessary?04/06/196714