Four Just Men

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Battle of the Bridge09/17/1959 8:55 pmMidlandsUK1818
The Prime Minister 09/24/1959UK172
The Village of Shame 10/01/1959UK
The Judge 10/08/1959UK184
The Crying Jester 10/15/1959UK173
The Beatniques 10/22/1959UK
The Deserter 10/29/1959UK155
Dead Man's Switch 11/05/1959UK137
The Night of the Precious Stones 11/12/1959UK132
The Deadly Capsule 11/19/1959 8:55 pmMidlandsUK146
Their Man in London 11/26/1959UK
Maya 12/10/1959UK
National Treasure 12/24/1959UK145
Panic Button 12/31/1959UK
The Man with the Golden Touch 01/07/1960UK10
Marie 01/14/1960UK11
The Survivor 01/21/1960UK10
The Discovery 01/28/1960UK7
The Rietti Group 02/04/1960UK9
The Man in the Road 02/11/1960 8:55 pmMidlandUK11
Money to Burn 02/17/1960 8:55 pmMidlandUK11
Crack-Up 02/24/1960 8:55 pmMidlandUK9
The Miracle of St. Phillipe 03/09/1960 8:55 pmMidlandUK121
Episode03/26/1960 9:00 pmITVUK
The Slaver 03/30/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK131
The Princess 04/02/1960 9:00 pmITVUK144
The Boy Without a Country 04/09/1960 9:00 pmITAUK11
The Protector 04/20/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK101
The Man in the Royal Suite 04/27/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK133
The Grandmother 05/04/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK122
The Man Who Wasn't There 05/11/1960UK165
The Bystanders 05/18/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK196
Rogue's Harvest 05/25/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK133
The Godfather 06/01/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK185
Riot 06/08/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK143
The Heritage 06/15/1960 8:55 pmMidlandsUK122
The Last Days of Nick Pompey 07/06/1960UK
The Moment of Truth 07/13/196010:35 pmMidlandsUK124
Justice for Gino 07/27/1960UK
Treviso Dam 08/17/1960UK