SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Pilot: The Best Years03/09/197610:00 pmABCUSA75
Monday Is Forever03/16/197610:00 pmABCUSA10
A Special Kind of Loving03/23/197610:00 pmABCUSA11
A Right and Proper Goodbye03/30/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Thursday's Child04/06/197610:00 pmABCUSA11
Point of Departure04/13/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Coming Apart10/06/197610:00 pmABCUSA9
Such Sweet Sorrow10/19/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Home Movies10/26/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Coming of Age11/09/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Jury Duty: Part 111/16/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Jury Duty: Part 211/23/197610:00 pmABCUSA
The Cradle Will Fall11/30/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Skeleton in the Closet12/07/197610:00 pmABCUSA
On the First Day of Christmas12/21/197610:00 pmABCUSA
Rites of Friendship12/28/197610:00 pmABCUSA
An Eye to the Future01/04/197710:00 pmABCUSA7
Lovers and Strangers01/11/197710:00 pmABCUSA8
Return Engagement01/18/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...02/01/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Someone's Watching02/08/197710:00 pmABCUSA
A Safe House02/15/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Best Friends02/22/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Taking Chances: Part 103/01/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Taking Chances: Part 203/08/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Coming and Goings03/22/197710:00 pmABCUSA
...More Things in Heaven and Earth03/29/197710:00 pmABCUSA
An Endangered Species05/03/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Acts of Love: Part 109/13/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Acts of Love: Part 209/20/197710:00 pmABCUSA
The First Time09/27/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Change of Heart10/04/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Annie Laurie10/25/197710:00 pmABCUSA
We Love You, Miss Jessup11/01/197710:00 pmABCUSA
The Little Brother11/08/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Childhood's End11/15/197710:00 pmABCUSA
A Tale Out of Season11/22/197710:00 pmABCUSA
Labors of Love11/29/197710:00 pmABCUSA
A Child Is Given12/13/197710:00 pmABCUSA
More Than Friends01/03/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Princess in the Tower01/10/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Echoes of Love01/17/197810:00 pmABCUSA
See Saw01/24/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Lifeline01/31/197810:00 pmABCUSA
And Baby Makes Three02/07/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Crossing Over02/14/197810:00 pmABCUSA
The Covenant02/21/197810:00 pmABCUSA
A Friend of the Family's02/28/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Fear of Shadows05/02/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Sleeping Gypsy05/09/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Counterpoint05/16/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Starting Over09/21/197810:00 pmABCUSA
All for Love09/28/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Changes10/12/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Magic10/19/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Just Friends11/09/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Generations11/23/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Expectations12/07/197810:00 pmABCUSA
Gifts12/21/197810:00 pmABCUSA
The Friend's Affair01/04/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Exits and Entrances01/11/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Moment of Truth01/18/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Malicious Mischief01/25/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Sleeping Over02/01/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Disco Queen02/08/197910:00 pmABCUSA
The Athlete03/01/1979 8:00 pmABCUSA
The Competition03/08/1979 8:00 pmABCUSA
Ballerina03/15/1979 8:00 pmABCUSA
Diversions03/22/1979 8:00 pmABCUSA
An Apple for the Teacher03/30/1979 8:00 pmABCUSA
Prelude04/20/1979 8:00 pmABCUSA
Going Straight05/10/197910:00 pmABCUSA
From Russia with Love05/17/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Thanksgiving11/20/197910:00 pmABCUSA
'Tis the Season12/24/197910:00 pmABCUSA
Jack of Hearts01/14/198010:00 pmABCUSA
When the Bough Breaks01/21/198010:00 pmABCUSA
Hard Times01/28/198010:00 pmABCUSA
Whispers02/04/198010:00 pmABCUSA
Play on Love03/03/1980 9:00 pmABCUSA
Daylight Serenade03/10/1980 9:00 pmABCUSA
Such a Fine Line03/17/1980 9:00 pmABCUSA
The Ties That Bind06/04/1980 8:00 pmABCUSA
Just Like Old Times06/11/1980 8:00 pmABCUSA
Smarts06/18/1980 8:00 pmABCUSA
Letting Go06/25/1980 8:00 pmABCUSA8