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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Salinas Jackpot09/14/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA12
1Death Chain09/21/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Call Unicorn09/28/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Country Blues10/05/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA1
1Scream of Silence10/12/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Fool's Gold10/19/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
The Girl in the Electric Coffin10/26/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Dead Pigeon11/09/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA1
1A Lonely Place to Die11/16/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
No Pockets in the Shroud11/23/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Stone, Cold Dead11/30/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
Death Is a Double Cross12/07/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Nowhere Man12/14/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Flight Plan12/28/1971 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Devil's Playground01/04/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Treasure of San Ignacio01/11/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Blood on the Vine01/18/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1To Kill a Guinea Pig02/01/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Island Caper02/08/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1A Deadly Quiet Town02/15/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1A Flight of Hawks02/22/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Torch02/29/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Cain's Mark03/07/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Murder by Moonlight03/14/1972 9:30 pmCBSUSA
2Bad Cats and Sudden Death09/13/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2Sky Above, Death Below09/20/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2Bitter Legion09/27/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2That Was No Lady10/04/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2Stakeout10/11/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Predators10/18/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2A Long Way Down10/25/197210:00 pmCBSUSA1
2The Rip Off11/01/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2Child of Fear11/15/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Shadow Man11/22/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2Hear No Evil11/29/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Endangered Species12/13/197210:00 pmCBSUSA1
2Nobody Beats the House12/20/197210:00 pmCBSUSA
2Hard Rock Roller Coaster01/03/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Dead Samaritan01/10/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Death of a Stone Seahorse01/17/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Moving Target01/31/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Murder for Murder02/07/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2To Ride a Tiger02/14/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Prisoners02/21/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Seventh Grave02/28/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Catch Me If You Can03/07/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Press Pass to the Slammer03/14/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Deadly Heritage03/21/197310:00 pmCBSUSA
3He Who Digs a Grave09/12/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Memo from a Dead Man09/19/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Hounds of Hell09/26/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Target in the Mirror10/03/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Murder by Proxy10/10/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Night Flight to Murder10/17/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Come Watch Me Die10/24/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Perfect Alibi10/31/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Dead Lady's Tears11/07/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Limping Man11/14/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Trial by Terror11/21/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Murder by the Numbers11/28/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Valley of the Damned12/05/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3A Well Remembered Terror12/12/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Arena of Fear12/19/1973 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Photo Finish01/02/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Duel in the Desert01/16/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Where's Jennifer?02/06/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA1
3Death of a Hunter02/13/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Cure That Kills02/20/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Bobby Loved Me02/27/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Triangle of Terror03/13/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Stalker03/20/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Kelly's Song09/11/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Hit Man09/18/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Voice from the Grave09/25/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lady in Red10/02/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Deadly Trail10/16/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Exchange10/23/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Avenger10/30/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4A Killing in the Family11/06/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA15
4Flashpoint11/13/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Man Who Couldn't Forget11/20/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA1
4The Sounds of Silence12/04/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Prisoner12/11/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA12
4Daddy's Little Girl12/18/1974 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Conspirators01/01/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Coffin Corner01/15/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Perfect Fit for a Frame01/22/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Killer on the Hill01/29/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Missing at FL30702/05/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Set Up02/12/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Investigator02/26/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lady on the Run03/05/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Vengeance03/12/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Tomorrow Ends at Noon03/19/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Search and Destroy04/02/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Nightmare09/10/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Deadly Conspiracy09/17/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA1
5The Wrong Medicine09/24/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Iceman10/01/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Victim10/08/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Man Who Died Twice10/15/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5A Touch of Venom10/22/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Man in the Middle10/29/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Fall Guy11/05/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Wedding March11/19/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Hero11/26/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5To Still the Voice12/03/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Star12/10/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Games Children Play12/17/1975 9:00 pmCBSUSA17
5The Reformer01/07/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The House of Cards01/14/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Revenge01/21/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Cry Wolf01/28/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5The Quasar Kill02/04/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Snapshot02/11/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Point After Death02/18/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Bloodlines02/25/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA
5Madman03/03/1976 9:00 pmCBSUSA