Comedy Playhouse

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Cliquot et Fils12/15/1961 8:45 pmBBCUK9
1Lunch in the Park12/22/1961UK4
1The Private Lives of Edward Whitely12/29/1961UK2
1The Offer01/05/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK
1The Reunion01/12/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK8
1The Telephone Call01/19/1962 8:45 pmBBCUK8
1The Status Symbol01/26/1962UK2
1Visiting Day02/02/1962UK5
1Sealed with a Loving Kiss02/09/1962UK5
1The Channel Swimmer02/16/1962UK4
2Our Man in Moscow03/01/1963 8:45 pmBBCUK8
2And Here, All the Way From...03/08/1963UK11
2Have You Read this Notice03/29/1963UK
2A Clerical Error04/05/1963UK9
2The Handyman04/12/1963UK14
On the Knocker09/28/1963UK5
Underworld Knights10/05/1963UK12
Fools Rush In10/12/1963UK3
Shamrot10/19/1963 9:45 pmBBCUK6
The Bachelor Girls10/26/1963 9:45 pmBBCUK6
The Plan11/02/1963 9:50 pmBBCUK4
A Picture of Innocence11/09/1963 9:40 pmBBCUK4
Nicked At The Bottle11/16/1963 9:25 pmBBCUK6
The Chars11/23/1963 9:35 pmBBCUK10
Comrades in Arms11/30/1963 9:35 pmBBCUK4
The Walrus and the Carpenter12/14/1963 9:35 pmBBCUK5
The Bed12/28/1963 9:35 pmBBCUK5
The Mate Market01/03/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK9
The Hen House01/10/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK7
The Siege of Sydney's Street01/17/1964 7:35 pmBBCUK4
The Mascot01/24/1964UK4
Good Luck Sir, You've Got A Lucky Face01/31/1964UK5
Barnaby Spoot And The Exploding Whoopee Cushion05/28/1965UK4
Mother Came Too06/05/1965UK
Here I Come Whoever I Am06/11/1965UK2
Happy Family06/18/1965UK
Memoirs Of A Chaise Longue07/02/1965UK7
Murray and Me07/08/1965UK
Hudd07/15/1965 8:50 pmBBC1UK
Till Death Us Do Part07/22/1965 8:50 pmBBC1UK8
The Time and Motion Man07/29/1965UK4
Sam the Samaritan08/05/1965 8:50 pmBBC1UK10
The Vital Spark08/12/1965UK4
Betsy Mae08/19/1965UK
Beggar My Neighbour05/24/1966UK4
A Little Learning05/31/1966UK
Judgement Day For Elijah Jones06/07/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK3
Room at the Bottom06/14/1966UK
The End of the Tunnel06/21/1966UK3
Seven Year Hitch06/28/1966UK4
The Mallard Imaginaire07/05/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK2
The Reluctant Romeo08/02/1966UK
House in a Tree05/26/1967UK
Spanner in the Works06/02/1967UK
Heirs on a Shoestring06/09/1967UK
Uncle Fred Flits By06/16/1967UK
Loitering with Intent06/23/1967UK6
To Lucifer: A Son06/29/1967UK
The Old Campaigner06/30/1967UK15
State of the Union04/26/1968UK
View by Appointment05/03/1968UK
The Family of Fred05/10/1968UK
Stiff Upper Lip05/17/1968UK13
Wild, Wild Women05/24/1968UK15
Thank You Sir, Thank You Madam05/31/1968UK
Me Mammy06/14/1968UK
The Gold Watch Club06/28/1968UK
The Valley Express04/21/1969UK
Tooth and Claw04/28/1969UK6
As Good Cooks Go05/05/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK
The Loves of Larch Hill05/12/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK
The Making of Peregrine05/19/1969UK4
Up Pompeii!09/17/1969UK
Joint Account12/18/1969UK
The Jugg Brothers01/01/1970UK
An Officer and a Gentleman01/08/1970UK
Haven of Rest03/01/1970UK12
Better Than a Man03/18/1970UK
Last Tribute (See That's Your Funeral)03/25/1970UK
Mind Your Own Business07/08/1970UK1
The Old Contemptible07/15/1970UK4
Meter Maids08/05/1970UK7
Just Harry and Me04/01/1971UK4
Uncle Tulip04/08/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK
The Rough with the Smooth04/22/1971UK9
Equal Partners04/29/1971UK
The Importance of Being Hairy05/06/1971UK7
Idle at Work01/14/1972UK8
And Whose Side Are You On?01/21/1972UK5
Born Every Minute01/28/1972UK11
The Dirtiest Soldier in the World03/27/1972UK11
No Peace on the Western Front08/30/1972UK2
Are You Being Served?09/08/1972UK12
Of Funerals and Fish01/04/1973UK12
Elementary, My Dear Watson01/18/1973UK16
The Birthday01/25/1973 8:00 pmBBC1UK6
Marry the Girls02/01/1973UK7
Home from Home02/08/1973UK4
The Rescue10/08/197311:00 pmBBC1UK4
No Strings04/16/1974UK
Franklyn and Johnnie04/23/1974UK
Happy Ever After05/07/1974UK
The Dobson Doughnut05/14/1974UK
The Big Job05/21/1974UK
The Last Man on Earth06/04/1974UK
Sitting Pretty06/11/1974UK
Pygmalion Smith06/25/1974UK
The Reverend Wooing of Archibald07/09/1974UK
The Melting Pot06/11/1975UK
Only on Sunday06/18/1975UK
Captive Audience07/02/1975UK
Going, Going, Gone... Free?07/09/1975UK