That Girl

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Don't Just Do Something, Stand There09/08/1966ABCUSA8
1Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye09/15/1966ABCUSA15
1Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night09/22/1966ABCUSA5
1I'll Be Suing You09/29/1966ABCUSA12
1Anatomy of a Blunder10/06/1966ABCUSA4
1Rich Little Rich Kid10/13/1966ABCUSA11
1Help Wanted10/20/1966ABCUSA7
1Little Auction Annie10/27/1966ABCUSA9
1Time for Arrest11/03/1966ABCUSA11
1Break a Leg11/10/1966ABCUSA8
1What's in a Name?11/17/1966ABCUSA17
1Soap Gets in Your Eyes11/24/1966ABCUSA12
1All About Ann12/01/1966ABCUSA8
1Phantom of the Horse Opera12/08/1966ABCUSA10
1Beware of Actors Bearing Gifts12/15/1966ABCUSA10
1Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid12/22/1966ABCUSA9
1Among My Souvenirs01/05/1967 8:30 pmABCUSA4
1These Boots Weren't Made for Walking01/12/1967ABCUSA13
1Kimono My House01/19/1967ABCUSA5
1Gone with the Breeze01/26/1967ABCUSA10
1Rain, Snow and Rice02/02/1967ABCUSA9
1Paper Hats & Everything02/09/1967ABCUSA17
1What Are Your Intentions?02/16/1967ABCUSA5
1A Tenor's Loving Care02/23/1967ABCUSA7
1Leaving the Nest Is for the Birds03/02/1967ABCUSA7
1You Have to Know Someone to Be Unknown03/09/1967ABCUSA11
1The Honeymoon Apartment03/16/1967ABCUSA8
1This Little Piggy Had a Ball03/23/1967ABCUSA17
1Author, Author03/30/1967ABCUSA11
1The Mating Game04/06/1967ABCUSA14
2Pass the Potatoes, Ethel Merman09/07/1967ABCUSA
2The Good Skate09/14/1967ABCUSA
2Black, White and Read All Over09/21/1967ABCUSA
2To Each Her Own09/28/1967ABCUSA
2The Apartment10/05/1967ABCUSA
2Absence Makes the Heart Grow Nervous10/12/1967ABCUSA
2The Philadelphia Story10/19/1967ABCUSA
2There's Nothing to Be Afreud of But Freud Himself10/26/1967ABCUSA
2The Collaborators11/02/1967ABCUSA
2When in Rome11/09/1967ABCUSA
2Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year, Hopefully11/23/1967ABCUSA
2The Mailman Cometh11/30/1967ABCUSA
2It's a Mod, Mod World: Part 112/07/1967ABCUSA
2It's a Mod, Mod World: Part 212/14/1967ABCUSA
2'Twas the Night Before Christmas, You're Under Arrest12/21/1967ABCUSA
2A Friend in Need12/28/1967ABCUSA
2Fur All We Know01/04/1968ABCUSA
2The Rivals01/11/1968ABCUSA
2Sixty-Five on the Aisle01/18/1968ABCUSA
2Call of the Wild01/25/1968ABCUSA
2The Other Woman02/01/1968ABCUSA
2He and She and He02/15/1968ABCUSA
2Great Guy03/07/1968ABCUSA
2The Detective Story03/14/1968ABCUSA
2If You Were Almost the Only Man in the World03/21/1968ABCUSA
2Just Spell the Name Right03/28/1968ABCUSA
2The Beard04/11/1968ABCUSA
2The Drunkard04/18/1968ABCUSA
2Old Man's Darling04/25/1968ABCUSA
3Sock It to Me09/26/1968ABCUSA
3The Hi-Jack and the Mighty10/03/1968ABCUSA
3Eleven Angry Men and That Girl10/10/1968ABCUSA
37 1/4: Part 110/17/1968ABCUSA
37 1/4: Part 210/24/1968ABCUSA
3Secret Ballot10/31/1968ABCUSA
3The Face in the Shower Room Door11/07/1968ABCUSA
3A Muggy Day in Central Park11/14/1968ABCUSA
3Just Donald and Me and Jerry Makes Three11/21/1968ABCUSA
3The Seventh Time Around11/28/1968ABCUSA
3Ann vs. Secretary12/05/1968ABCUSA
3Decision Before Dawn12/12/1968ABCUSA
3Should All Our Old Acquaintances Be Forgot12/26/1968ABCUSA
3The Homewrecker and the Window Washer01/02/1969 9:00 pmABCUSA7
3The Eye of the Beholder01/09/1969 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Dark on Top of Everything Else01/16/1969ABCUSA
3The Earrings01/23/1969ABCUSA
3Many Happy Returns01/30/1969ABCUSA
3My Sister's Keeper02/06/1969ABCUSA
3There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man02/13/1969ABCUSA
3The Subject Was Rabies02/20/1969ABCUSA
3The Defiant One02/27/1969ABCUSA
3Fly Me to the Moon03/06/1969ABCUSA
3It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House03/13/1969ABCUSA
3Bad Day at Marvin Gardens03/20/1969ABCUSA
3Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?03/27/1969ABCUSA
4Mission Improbable: Part 109/18/1969ABCUSA
4Mission Improbable: Part 209/25/1969ABCUSA
4My Part Belongs to Daddy10/02/1969ABCUSA
4Nobody Here But Us Chickens10/09/1969ABCUSA
4At the Drop of a Budget10/16/1969ABCUSA
4Hearing Today, Gone Tomorrow10/23/1969ABCUSA
4The Snow Must Go On10/30/1969ABCUSA
4Write is Wrong11/06/1969ABCUSA
4Shake Hands and Come Out Acting11/13/1969ABCUSA
4Fix My Screen & Bug Out11/20/1969ABCUSA
4Kiss That Girl Goodbye11/27/1969ABCUSA
4She Never Had the Vegas Notion12/11/1969ABCUSA
4She Never Had the Vegas Notion: Part Two12/18/1969ABCUSA
4I Am Curious Lemon12/25/1969ABCUSA
4Tenpercent of Nothing Is Nothing01/01/1970ABCUSA
4Opening Night01/08/1970ABCUSA
4That Metermaid01/22/1970ABCUSA
4Fly by Night01/29/1970ABCUSA
4Ugh Wilderness02/05/1970ABCUSA
4Stocks & the Single Girl02/12/1970ABCUSA
4The Night They Raided Daddy's02/19/1970ABCUSA
4The Reunion02/26/1970ABCUSA
4They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?03/12/1970ABCUSA
4Easy Faller03/19/1970ABCUSA
4All's Well That Ends03/26/1970ABCUSA
5Counter Proposal09/25/1970ABCUSA
5Don and Sandi and Harry and Snoopy10/02/1970ABCUSA
5I Ain't Got Nobody10/09/1970ABCUSA
5No Man Is a Manhattan Island10/16/1970ABCUSA
5Rattle of a Single Girl10/23/1970ABCUSA
5There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis: Part I10/30/1970ABCUSA14
5There Sure Are a Bunch of Cards in St. Louis: Part II11/06/1970ABCUSA
5That Cake11/13/1970ABCUSA
5That Girl's Daddy11/20/1970ABCUSA
5Stop the Presses I Want to Get Off11/27/1970ABCUSA
5Super Reporter12/04/1970ABCUSA
5That SeƱorita12/11/1970ABCUSA
5An Uncle Herbert for All Seasons12/18/1970ABCUSA
5That Script01/01/1971ABCUSA
5Those Friars01/08/1971ABCUSA
5A Limited Engagement01/15/1971ABCUSA
5The Russians Are Staying01/29/1971ABCUSA
5That Shoplifter02/05/1971ABCUSA
5Chef's Night Out02/12/1971 9:00 pmABCUSA
5That King02/19/1971ABCUSA
5Stag Party02/26/1971 9:00 pmABCUSA10
5Two for the Money03/05/1971ABCUSA20
5Soot Yourself03/12/1971ABCUSA
5The Elevated Woman03/19/1971ABCUSA