Theatre 625

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1All the Conspirators05/01/1964UK
1The Seekers #1: The Heretics05/03/1964 7:30 pmBBC2UK20
1The Seekers #2: The Idealists05/10/1964UK11
1The Seekers #3: The Materialists05/17/1964UK8
All the Conspirators: The Ides of March07/05/1964 8:00 pmBBC2UK13
All the Conspirators: The Just07/12/1964 8:00 pmBBC2UK9
2Women in Crisis #1: Husband and Wife09/20/1964 8:35 pmBBC2UK9
2Women in Crisis #2: With Love and Tears09/27/1964 8:05 pmBBC2UK19
2Women in Crisis #3: My Grandmother10/04/1964 8:05 pmBBC2UK22
2Carried by Storm10/25/1964 8:05 pmBBC2UK25
2Parade's End #1: Some Do Not12/06/1964UK
2Parade's End #2: No More Parades12/13/1964UK
2Parade's End #3: A Man Could Stand Up12/20/1964UK
2The Minister01/03/1965UK
2Poor Bitos02/07/1965UK
2Progress to the Park03/14/1965UK17
No Trams To Lime Street03/21/1965UK2
2A Little Winter Love03/28/1965 7:25 pmBBC2UK7
2Try for White04/18/1965UK
Unman, Wittering And Zigo06/27/1965UK3
2Seek Her Out07/04/1965UK2
2The Long House07/11/1965UK3
3Esther's Altar09/05/1965UK1
3David, Chapter 209/15/1965UK
3Are You Ready for the Music09/29/1965 9:35 pmBBC1UK13
3Miss Julie10/03/1965UK3
3Hermit Crabs10/10/1965UK2
3Enter Solly Gold10/17/1965UK
The Siege Of Manchester10/31/1965UK3
The World of George Orwell: Keep The Aspidistra Flying11/07/1965UK24
Coming Up For Air11/14/1965UK1
Nineteen Eighty Four11/21/1965UK3
3The World of George Orwell: 198411/28/1965UK36
3Portraits from the North: The Nutter12/05/1965UK3
Portraits From the North: Bruno12/19/1965UK5
3Yob and Nabob12/26/1965UK5
3Doctor Knock01/02/1966UK2
Chicken Soup With Barley01/23/1966UK4
3The Wesker Trilogy: Roots01/30/1966UK
I'm Talking About Jerusalem02/06/1966UK3
Kiss on A Grass Green Pillow02/13/1966 9:00 pmBBC2UK4
3A Man Like That02/27/1966UK3
3Simon and Laura03/06/1966UK
The Queen And Jackson03/13/1966UK4
A Month In The Country03/20/1966UK2
3The Seagull03/27/1966UK4
3The Twelfth Hour04/03/1966UK4
The Queen & The Welshman04/10/1966UK3
She Stoops To Conquer05/29/1966 9:10 pmBBC2UK22
Up And Down06/05/1966UK4
3The Melody Suit06/19/1966UK
On The March To The Sea07/17/1966UK3
How To Get Rid Of Your Husband07/24/1966UK1
Girl Of My Dreams07/31/1966 7:25 pmBBC2UK14
4Talking to a Stranger 1: Anytime You're Ready I'll Sparkle10/02/1966 9:10 pmBBC2UK8
4Talking to a Stranger 2: No Skill or Special Knowledge Is Required10/09/1966UK
4Talking to a Stranger 3: Gladly, My Cross-Eyed Bear10/16/1966UK
4Talking to a Stranger 4: The Innocent Must Suffer10/23/1966UK
4Conquest: The Encounter10/29/1966 8:45 pmBBC2UK
4Conquest: The Leopard and the Dragon10/30/1966UK
4Amerika11/06/1966 9:20 pmBBC2UK4
4The Family Reunion11/27/1966UK
Sword Of Honour 1: Men at Arms01/02/1967UK10
Sword of Honour 2: Officers and Gentlemen01/09/1967UK
4Sword of Honour #3: Unconditional Surrender01/16/1967UK
4A Slight Ache02/06/1967UK1
4A Night Out02/13/1967UK2
4The Basement02/20/1967UK3
4As a Man Grows Older03/04/1967UK
4Hotel Torpe03/13/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK1
Final Demand03/20/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK3
As A Man Grows Older04/03/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK2
Kain04/17/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK9
4The Loser05/01/1967UK4
4The Winner05/08/1967UK2
4The Fantasist05/15/1967UK13
4The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists05/29/1967UK3
4The Blood Knot06/12/1967UK1
4Henry IV06/26/1967UK4
4The Plough and the Stars07/16/1967UK
4Tickle Times07/30/1967 7:25 pmBBC2UK21
455 Columns08/06/1967 7:25 pmBBC2UK12
4Stan's Day Out08/13/1967UK5
4The Cupboard08/20/1967UK
5The Memorandum09/24/1967UK6
5The Lost Years of Brian Hooper10/08/1967UK
5The Magicians: Dr. Dee, Kelly and the Spirits10/15/1967UK
Incantation Of Casanova10/22/1967UK2
5The Magicians: Edmund Gurney and the Brighton Mesmerist10/29/1967UK
The Single Passion11/05/1967 7:25 pmBBC2UK
5The Burning Bush11/12/1967 7:25 pmBBC2UK231
5Kittens Are Brave11/26/1967UK2
5Lieutenant Tenant12/04/1967 9:05 pmBBC2UK
Play With A Tiger12/18/1967UK5
To See How Far It Is01/01/1968UK6
The Curse Of The Donkins01/08/1968UK6
5Albinos in Black01/22/1968UK
5The Swallow's Nest01/29/1968UK
The Lady Is A Liar02/26/1968 9:05 pmBBC2UK2
5To the Frontier03/04/1968UK
5Party Games03/11/1968UK15
The Fall Of Kelvin Walker04/22/1968 9:30 pmBBC2UK131
5The Fanatics04/29/1968UK7
5Home Sweet Honeycombe05/13/1968UK4
5The Pistol Shot05/20/1968UK4
5The Life Class05/27/1968 9:05 pmBBC2UK15
All's Well That Ends Well06/03/1968UK8
5Wind Versus Polygamy07/15/1968 9:05 pmBBC2UK11
Year Of The Sex Olympics07/29/1968 9:05 pmBBC2UK15
Mille Miglia08/05/1968 9:05 pmBBC2UK2