Wednesday Play

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Catch as Catch Can09/30/1964????4
A Crack in the Ice10/28/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK17
In Camera11/04/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK87
Pale Horse, Pale Rider11/11/1964 9:40 pmBBC1UK3
The Big Breaker11/18/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK5
Mr. Douglas11/25/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK6
Malatesta12/02/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK16
The July Plot12/09/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK19
First Love12/16/1964 9:25 pmBBC1UK5
A Tap on the Shoulder01/06/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK23
Sir Jocelyn, the Minister Would Like a Word ...01/13/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK19
The Navigators01/20/1965 9:30 pmBBC1UK2
Fable01/27/1965 9:30 pmBBC1UK15
Dan, Dan the Charity Man02/03/1965 9:40 pmBBC1UK9
Ashes to Ashes02/10/1965 9:40 pmBBC1UK8
Wear a Very Big Hat02/17/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK15
The Confidence Course02/24/1965 9:40 pmBBC1UK20
Campaign for One03/03/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK12
Horror of Darkness03/10/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK4
A Little Temptation03/17/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK6
Moving On03/24/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK14
Cat's Cradle03/31/1965 9:50 pmBBC1UK7
Three Clear Sundays04/07/1965 9:45 pmBBC1UK41
The Interior Decorator04/14/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK7
Auto-Stop04/21/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK14
The Good Shoemaker and the Poor Fish Peddler04/28/1965 9:40 pmBBC1UK2
Cemented with Love05/05/1965 9:40 pmBBC1UK13
A Knight In Tarnished Armour05/12/1965 9:45 pmBBC1UK11
For The West05/26/1965 9:40 pmBBC1UK6
And Did Those Feet?06/02/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK20
The Man Without Papers06/09/1965 9:25 pmBBC1UK14
The Pistol06/16/19651
The Seven O'clock Crunch06/30/19654
The Girl Who Loved Robots10/20/196513
A Designing Woman10/27/1965 9:00 pmBBC1UK5
Up The Junction11/03/196564
The Trial And Torture Of Sir John Rampayne11/10/19655
End Of Arthur's Marriage11/17/1965 9:30 pmBBC1UK37
Tomorrow Just You Wait11/24/19656
The Bond12/01/19652
Stand Up For Nigel Barton12/08/196528
Vote,vote,for Nigel Barton12/15/196527
The Coming Out Party12/22/19652
The Boneyard01/05/1966 9:00 pmBBC1UK2
A Man On Her Back01/12/1966 9:00 pmBBC1UK11
Rodney, Our Intrepid Hero01/19/196618
Calf Love01/26/196613
Silent Song02/02/19664
Who's A Good Boy Then?02/09/19663
A Game Like - Only A Game02/16/1966 9:00 pmBBC1UK2
Why Aren't You Famous?02/23/19667
Macready's Gala03/02/19668
A Walk In The Sea03/09/196615
Barlow Of The Car Park03/23/19661
The Portsmouth Defence03/30/1966 9:05 pmBBC1UK23
A Pity About the Abbey04/06/1966
The Big Man Coughed And Died04/13/19665
The Snow Ball04/20/196613
A Cheery Soul04/27/1966 9:00 pmBBC1UK12
The Connoisseur05/04/196611
The Retreat05/11/19669
Ape and Essence05/18/196610
Toddler on the Run05/25/196617
The Executioner06/01/19668
Way Off Beat06/08/196611
Cock, Hen and Courting Pit06/22/19668
Photo Finish09/21/196610
A Hero of Our Time09/28/196611
A Piece of Resistance10/19/196612
Where the Buffalo Roam11/02/196616
The Head Waiter11/09/19666
Cathy Come Home11/16/1966 9:05 pmBBC1UK4733
The Private Tutor11/23/19668
A Pyre for Private James11/30/1966 9:45 pmBBC1UK14
A Tale of Two Wives12/07/1966 9:05 pmBBC1UK4
Little Master Mind12/14/196624
The Mayfly and the Frog12/21/1966 9:05 pmBBC1UK6
Alice in Wonderland12/28/196624
Person to Person01/04/19674
House of Character01/10/196712
Jamie, on a Flying Visit01/17/196712
The Order01/18/196716
Everybody's Rich Except Us01/25/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK18
The Lump02/01/196712
Who's Going to Take Me On?02/08/19673
Death of a Teddy Bear02/15/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK7
Days in the Trees02/22/196713
In Two Minds03/01/196717
Another Day, Another Dollar03/08/196717
Public Inquiry03/15/19678
A Crucial Week in the Life of a Grocer's Assistant03/22/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK15
A Breach in the Wall03/29/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK14
Voices In The Park04/05/196718
Dismissal Leading to Lustfulness04/12/19677
A Brilliant Future Behind Him04/19/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK17
Message For Posterity05/03/1967 9:40 pmBBC1UK19
A Way with the Ladies05/10/19675
The Playground05/17/196710
Drums Along the Avon05/24/196717
Sleeping Dogs10/11/19675
Wanted: Single Gentleman10/18/19674
A Black Candle for Mrs Gogarty10/25/1967 9:05 pmBBC1UK6
Pitchi Poi11/01/19671
The Devil a Monk Would Be11/08/19679
Fall of the Goat11/15/196714
The Profile of a Gentleman11/22/196722
Dial Rudolph Valentino One One11/29/1967 9:40 pmBBC1UK11
Kippers and Curtains12/06/1967 9:40 pmBBC1UK12
Death of a Private12/13/196712
An Officer of the Court12/20/196733
The Fat of the Land12/27/19678
Monsieur Barnett01/24/1968 9:05 pmBBC1UK4
The Drummer and the Bloke01/31/19686
Rebel in the Grave02/07/19685
Coincidence02/21/1968 9:05 pmBBC1UK19
Light Blue04/03/1968 9:10 pmBBC1UK3
The Golden Vision04/17/19687
The Man Behind You05/01/19685
Infidelity Took Place05/08/196810
Mrs. Lawrence Will Look After It08/21/196831
The Gorge09/04/19689
A Night with Mrs. Da Tanka09/11/1968 9:05 pmBBC1UK16
Anyone for Tennis?09/25/1968 9:10 pmBBC1UK10
Mooney and His Caravans10/02/1968 9:05 pmBBC1UK4
The Lower Largo Sequence10/09/19684
Hello, Good Evening and Welcome10/16/196817
A Bit of Crucifixion Father10/30/1968 9:05 pmBBC1UK8
Nothing Will Be the Same11/06/1968 9:15 pmBBC1UK5
A Beast with Two Backs11/20/1968 9:05 pmBBC1UK17
On the Eve of Publication11/27/196811
The Fabulous Frump01/08/1969 9:05 pmBBC1UK13
Smoke Screen01/15/196910
The Apprentices01/29/19696
The Big Flame02/19/196924
A Serpent in Putney02/26/1969 9:05 pmBBC1UK6
Bam! Pow! Zapp!03/05/196912
Sling Your Hook04/02/1969 9:05 pmBBC1UK1
A Child and a Half04/09/1969 9:15 pmBBC1UK5
Son of Man04/16/1969 9:15 pmBBC1UK29
The Exiles04/23/1969 9:15 pmBBC1UK5
Blodwen, Home from Rachel's Marriage04/30/1969 9:10 pmBBC1UK39
The Last Train Through The Harecastle Tunnel10/01/196920
Patterson O.K.10/08/1969 9:10 pmBBC1UK5
The Mark II Wife10/15/196911
Close the Coalhouse Door10/22/196911
The Sad Decline of Arthur Maybury10/29/196927
All Out for Kangaroo Valley11/05/196910
There Is Also Tomorrow11/19/1969 9:15 pmBBC1UK19
Double Bill: The Compartment/Playmates11/26/1969 9:10 pmBBC1UK5
Blood of the Lamb12/03/1969 9:10 pmBBC1UK7
The Vortex12/10/1969 9:10 pmBBC1UK10
The Season of the Witch01/07/1970 9:10 pmBBC1UK10
The Hunting of Lionel Crane01/21/197021
Rest in Peace, Uncle Fred01/28/19708
Mad Jack02/04/1970 9:10 pmBBC1UK12
Nathan and Tabileth02/11/19702
The Italian Table02/18/19707
The Boy Who Wanted Peace02/25/197010
The Cellar and the Almond Tree03/04/197011
No Trams to Lime Street03/18/1970 9:15 pmBBC1UK11
To See How Far it Is04/08/1970 9:15 pmBBC1UK
Wine of India04/15/1970 9:20 pmBBC1UK12
Sovereign's Company04/22/1970 9:10 pmBBC1UK26
Emma's Time05/13/1970 9:10 pmBBC1UK4
Chariot of Fire05/20/1970 9:10 pmBBC1UK13
Joan05/27/1970 9:45 pmBBC1UK3
The War Game01/01/19852