Thirty Minute Theatre

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Parson's Pleasure10/07/1965 8:30 pmBBC2UK2
Give The Clown His Supper10/14/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK2
Portrait Of A Madonna10/21/1965 8:25 pmBBC2UK1
Pay As You Go10/28/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK3
1Monica11/04/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK3
Love In Triplicate11/11/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK3
1Application Form11/18/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK2
The Late Arrival Of The Incoming Aircraft11/25/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK2
Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat12/02/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK2
1Mr. Ponge12/09/1965 8:55 pmBBC2UK4
1That's Not My Name12/16/1965 9:00 pmBBC2UK2
1Family Christmas12/23/1965UK5
1The Passenger12/30/1965UK2
The Flip Side01/03/1966UK1
1The Enchanted Night01/10/1966UK4
The Far-Way Incident01/17/1966 9:50 pmBBC2UK4
Janni...Oh, Janni01/31/1966UK1
1The Sugar Cubes02/07/1966UK1
1Case Suspended02/14/1966UK2
Ships Of The Line02/21/1966UK2
Keep On Running02/28/1966 9:40 pmBBC2UK3
Not For Just An Hour03/07/1966UK3
Twas On A Sunday03/14/1966UK2
1Magnolia Summer03/28/1966UK
1A Girl's Best Friend04/04/1966UK3
1Emergency Ward 904/11/1966UK13
A Letter From The Country04/18/1966UK1
1The Caramel Crisis04/25/196610:00 pmBBC2UK9
Don't Go Down To The Bingo Mother--Father's Come t05/02/1966UK1
1The House Mouse05/09/1966UK2
1The Hard Word05/16/1966UK2
1The Window05/30/1966UK3
Friday Night's The Best06/06/1966UK3
A Good Reason For Getting Married?06/13/1966UK2
1The Queen Street Girls06/20/1966UK
1They Put You Where You Are06/27/1966 9:50 pmBBC2UK15
2The Other Fella10/03/1966UK2
The Devil And All His Mischief10/10/1966UK3
2The Spoken Word10/17/1966UK4
The Sounds Of War10/24/1966UK2
2The Excavation10/31/1966UK
Play To Win11/07/1966 8:35 pmBBC2UK4
Wife In A Blonde Wig11/21/1966UK4
First Catch Your Hare12/05/1966UK1
Towers Of Manhattan12/19/1966UK1
2The Suede Jacket01/18/1967UK2
Later A Man Was Questioned02/01/1967UK3
2Turn Off If You Know the Ending02/15/1967 8:25 pmBBC2UK3
2An Absolute Treasure02/22/1967UK3
Go Tell It On Table Mountain03/01/1967UK4
Who Were You With Last Night03/15/1967UK2
Two and Two are Twenty-Two03/22/1967UK6
2The Gun04/12/1967UK3
2Boa Constrictor04/26/1967UK3
The Isle Is Full Of Noise05/03/1967UK4
2Silver Wedding05/10/1967UK1
The Sufferings Of Peter Obnizov05/17/1967 8:35 pmBBC2UK9
2Haven't You People Got Homes?05/24/1967UK3
2That Woman05/31/1967UK2
2The Other Side06/07/1967UK1
2The Wake06/14/1967UK3
2Child Marlene06/21/1967UK2
2Another Moon Called Earth06/28/1967UK4
3Leave Me Alone10/02/1967UK3
3The Timekeepers10/09/1967UK3
3You Meet All Sorts10/16/1967UK1
3The Tape Recorder10/23/1967UK2
3The Top Bunk10/30/1967UK
Have It On The House11/06/1967UK2
Notice! Meeting In Progress11/27/1967UK3
A Time Of Wolves And Tigers12/06/1967UK1
The Keys On The Street12/13/1967BBC2UK2
3Come Death12/20/1967UK5
3The Metal Martyr12/27/1967UK5
3A Private Place01/03/1968UK2
3The News-Benders01/10/1968UK3
Diary Of An Encounter01/17/1968 8:35 pmBBC2UK2
You're Lovely In Black01/24/1968UK
Happiness Is Shaped01/31/1968UK1
3Child's Play02/07/1968UK3
Snakes And Reptiles02/14/1968UK1
3The Unquiet Man02/21/1968 8:35 pmBBC2UK2
3The Interview02/28/1968UK3
3Eveline03/06/1968 8:35 pmBBC2UK
3A Personal Affair03/13/1968UK4
No Trams To Ethiopia03/20/1968UK3
3Father's Day03/27/1968UK1
3Pleasant Dreams, Fernando04/03/1968 8:00 pmBBC2UK2
3The Sinner04/10/1968UK2
It's On You, John04/24/1968UK3
Standing By For Santa Claus05/01/1968UK2
3Empty Bottles05/08/1968UK3
Thank God For UDI05/15/1968UK3
3Still Death05/22/1968UK1
A Walk In The Dark05/29/1968UK2
3The Boy's Room06/05/1968UK1
Number 30 Approximately06/19/1968UK3
A Question Of Honour06/26/1968UK6
A Matter Of Principle09/16/1968UK6
4The Flag09/23/1968UK2
4The Chequers Manoeuvre09/30/1968UK5
4Something to Hide: The First Floor10/07/1968 9:25 pmBBC2UK5
4Something to Hide: The Studio10/14/1968UK4
4Something to Hide: The Caretaker's Flat10/21/1968UK4
4Of Public Concern11/04/1968UK2
Cause Of Death11/11/1968UK5
4The Last Victim11/18/1968 9:25 pmBBC2UK2
Loving Isreal11/25/1968UK
The Bishop & The Actress12/02/1968UK1
4Before Breakfast12/09/1968UK2
Swallowing The Anchor12/23/1968UK2
Game, Set And Match12/30/1968UK2
Where Have They Gone, All the Little Children?01/06/1969UK2
Absolute Aggers & Torters01/13/1969UK2
4These Men Are Dangerous: Mussolini01/20/1969UK2
4These Men Are Dangerous: Hitler01/27/1969 9:55 pmBBC2UK2
4These Men Are Dangerous: Stalin02/03/1969UK2
4Stake Money02/13/1969UK2
4First Confession02/20/1969UK1
The Boat To Addis Ababa02/27/1969UK3
4A Hot Day03/06/1969UK2
Roses, Roses, All The Way03/13/1969UK1
Victims 1: A Degree Of Stress03/20/1969UK2
Victims 2: Frontier03/27/1969UK1
Victims 3: Progressive Blues04/03/1969UK2
Nice Cool Pad In The Sky04/24/1969UK2
4Anything You Say05/01/1969 9:10 pmBBC2UK3
Conversation At Night05/08/1969 9:05 pmBBC2UK2
4Roly Poly05/15/1969UK2
And Was Invited To Form a Government05/22/1969UK3
4A Borderline Case05/29/1969 9:05 pmBBC2UK2
5Remote Control09/14/1969UK3
5Gangster09/28/196910:45 pmBBC2UK1
Formula For Treason10/10/1969UK2
Someone's Knocking At Me Door10/19/196910:35 pmBBC2UK4
5Trespassers10/26/196910:50 pmBBC2UK5
Aggers And Torters: Back to Nature11/09/1969UK3
Aggers And Torters: Psy-Fi11/16/196910:45 pmBBC2UK1
Aggers And Torters: Hickory Dickory11/23/1969UK1
Lecture To An Academy12/07/1969UK
5The Switch12/14/1969UK1
The Discharge Of Trooper Lusby12/28/1969UK9
5Laffin' Gas01/10/1970UK2
5The Chief Whip Sends His Compliments01/17/1970UK2
The Reparation01/24/1970UK2
Laying It Off For Spangle02/07/1970UK6
5Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat02/14/1970UK1
What A Pity You Can't Stay Longer02/22/1970UK4
Out Of Sight,out Of Mind02/28/1970UK2
Meanwhile, Back At The Office03/14/1970UK2
5All My Own Army03/28/1970UK4
Revolution 1: Cromwell04/11/1970UK2
Revolution 2: Lenin04/18/1970UK3
Revolution 3: Castro04/25/1970UK2
Is That Your Body Boy?05/09/1970UK1
5The Tidewatchers05/16/1970UK3
Twenty-Six Efforts At Pornography05/23/1970 9:50 pmBBC2UK3
Lily - Part 106/06/1970 9:50 pmBBC2UK3
Lily - Part 206/13/1970UK4
5An Uncertain Sound06/27/1970UK1
5Good Times07/25/1970UK2
Tropical Wednesdays08/01/1970UK1
The Raid09/18/1970UK3
The Year Of The Crow10/02/1970UK2
Did Your Nanny Come From Bergen?10/09/1970UK
Helen10/30/1970 9:00 pmBBC2UK2
The Warmonger11/13/197010:05 pmBBC2UK17
The Editor Regrets11/27/1970 9:20 pmBBC2UK2
But Now They Are Fled01/11/1971UK2
Faith01/18/197110:10 pmBBC2UK6
Terrible Jim Fitch01/25/197110:10 pmBBC2UK3
The Bequest02/01/197110:10 pmBBC2UK2
Me MacKenna02/08/197110:10 pmBBC2UK7
The Proposal02/15/197110:15 pmBBC2UK3
Asquith In Orbit02/22/1971UK2
Happy Days Are Here Again03/01/197110:10 pmBBC2UK3
Railwayman's New Clothes03/08/197110:10 pmBBC2UK3
No Charge For Extra Service03/15/197110:10 pmBBC2UK2
A Distinct Chill03/22/1971UK2
The Waiting Room03/29/1971UK2
Listen To The Drums04/05/197110:10 pmBBC2UK
Death's Head05/24/1971UK3
Something For The Children06/07/197110:40 pmBBC2UK3
The Room They Left06/14/1971UK1
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Crisis07/05/197110:10 pmBBC2UK4
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Suspect07/12/197110:10 pmBBC2UK4
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Inquiry07/19/197110:10 pmBBC2UK5
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Retreat07/26/197110:10 pmBBC2UK4
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Deadlock08/02/197110:15 pmBBC2UK6
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Breakthrough08/09/197110:10 pmBBC2UK5
7 Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Decision08/16/197110:10 pmBBC2UK6
Walt, King Of The Dumper09/20/197110:10 pmBBC2UK5
Soldier Ants09/27/197110:10 pmBBC2UK1
Gun Play10/04/1971UK3
Combing Down His Yellow Hair10/11/1971UK1
The Moonlighters10/18/1971UK3
Getting In10/25/197110:20 pmBBC2UK2
Psychological Warfare11/01/1971UK2
A Settled Sort Of Life11/08/1971UK2
Gardeners Of My Youth11/15/1971UK4
Blues In The Morning11/22/197110:15 pmBBC2UK1
Farewell Performance12/13/1971UK1
A Wen12/27/1971UK2
Not Counting The Savages01/03/197210:15 pmBBC2UK3
Uncle Rollo01/10/197210:10 pmBBC2UK2
They Don't All Open Men's Boutiques01/17/1972UK1
The Penthouse Apartment01/24/197210:35 pmBBC2UK2
An Affair Of Honour01/31/197210:05 pmBBC2UK6
An Arrow for Little Audrey02/21/1972UK1
That Quiet Earth02/28/1972UK1
Said the Preacher03/06/197210:40 pmBBC2UK4
That Time of Life03/13/1972UK
Under the Age03/20/1972UK2
and for My Next Trick04/03/1972UK
The Sit In04/10/197210:40 pmBBC2UK5
The Railwayman's New Clothes05/01/197210:45 pmBBC2UK4
Mill Hill05/22/1972UK3
Kings Cross - Lunch Hour05/29/1972UK3
Swiss Cottage06/05/1972UK
Knightsbridge06/12/197210:10 pmBBC2UK3
Too Far08/28/1972UK3
Thrills Galore09/04/1972UK2
The Argument09/11/1972UK2
The Seventh Juror09/18/1972UK2
I Spy A Stranger09/25/197210:45 pmBBC2UK4
The Judge's Wife10/02/1972UK3
Tonight We Meet Arthur Pendlebury10/19/197210:15 pmBBC2UK2
Ronnie's So Long at the Fair10/26/1972UK
Ten Torrey Canyons11/02/1972UK
I Wouldn't Tell on You, Miss11/09/1972UK
You're Free11/16/1972UK
Dialogue11/22/197210:15 pmBBC2UK2
Krapp's Last Tape11/29/197210:25 pmBBC2UK1
The Chauffeur & The Lady12/06/197210:15 pmBBC2UK2
You've Been A Long Time, Alfred12/13/1972UK2
The Japanese Student01/03/1973UK2
The Punchy and the Fairy01/10/1973UK1
Is Nellie Dead?01/24/1973UK2
A Chance Encounter01/31/1973UK2
You and Me and Him02/22/1973UK
That Quiet Earth02/28/1973UK
Beginning to End03/29/1973UK
Swamp Music04/12/1973UK
The Baby's Name Being Kitchener04/26/1973UK2
Kamikaze In a Coffee Bath05/03/1973UK2
About A Bout05/10/1973UK2
Shakespeare Country05/17/1973UK2
Places Where They Sing07/19/1973UK1
Girls In Their Summer Dresses07/26/1973UK2
The Museum Attendant08/02/1973UK3
The Joke08/09/1973UK7